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How to Find Your Path & Light Your Spark with Brittany Singh Williams

September 23, 2020 Victoria Taylor Season 1 Episode 7
In Demand Podcast
How to Find Your Path & Light Your Spark with Brittany Singh Williams
Show Notes

When was the last time you did something brave without worrying about what others had to say. 

Going further even when others haven't. Can you remember? 

Brittany Singh Williams shares her journey of how she found her profession and path in teaching. She found her purpose from Jamaica, all over the world and back to Jamaica again. 

When nothing made sense going forward, she saw that her path was aligned looking back. 

Today's In-Demand guest shares how she puts it all into perspective: Taking inventory of her faith, taking changes even when it seems crazy to everyone else and doing the work. 

In episode 6, Victoria Taylor talks with Brittany Singh Williams, she's both an educator and international and global education strategist with a unique combination of expertise in the areas of curriculum development and implementation, professional and leadership development, teacher training and NGO management.  

She is passionate about seeing Caribbean children become the future innovators of tomorrow. Brittany currently serves as an Advisor to the Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information and Curator of the Global Shapers Kingston Hub. 

If there's anything you can learn from Brittany, is that if no one is questioning what you're doing, if you aren't moving in faith despite what things might look like around you... you haven't challenged yourself enough to see where you're going.

Where can you find Brittany Singh William:
Website: Spark-Education
Instagram: @sparkeducationja